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4" S Handle Multiplier 2x

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This 4" S handle multiplier 2x reel is a raised pillar gear and pawl design that weighs 16 oz, and is ideal for 14 to 16 foot spey rods. The reel can be ordered with a 1-way outgoing check (silent windup) or a 2-way check and single (with counterbalance) or dual handles (no counterbalance). The faceplate and cage are available in silver, black, or green and the handle colors are black, Ivorine/Ivory, or wood composite (handles are either straight or flared). Brass accents (reelfoot and counterbalance), full brass (reelfoot, counterbalance, and pillars) or 3.5” reelfoot are available for an additional charge. The s-handle can be converted to an inset handle.

The reel pictured has the standard configuration: black faceplate, silver cage, and spool with a black flared single handle with counterbalance or brass accents. Case included.

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